Dani Solorio’s Compton Health Bar Is a Plant-Based Health Store for the Community

By Elise Gray

Like many Americans, Dani Solorio came to the United States and pursued her dreams. She arrived in Lynwood, CA, at the age of six and has spent most of her life as an undocumented citizen. During this time, she experienced some of the difficulties that undocumented immigrants often face, such as access to quality food and health care. To combat these obstacles, her family handled their healthcare remedies at home.

Without access to college, Dani took a series of jobs after high school. After some time, she ended up in a position at the Indoor Swapmeet’s Video Store. With some sacrifice and trust, the family who owned the business gave Dani a small loan, which allowed her to purchase the store at just 21 years old.

With money coming in from her business, Dani was able to save enough to pursue her true passion: health and wellness.

In 2014, Dani Solorio opened the doors to Compton Health Bar, a local health store that specializes in raw organic superfoods, plants, and fruits.

When discussing the nature of her work, the business owner often pays homage to her grandmother, who believes that herbs can cure everything from headaches to heartbreaks.

Within low-income communities, there’s an air of need—meaning that when it comes to food, people generally take what they can get. Dani Solorio uses her store to spread her knowledge of health and wellness to those who might not usually have access to such luxuries.

Customers can come to the bar, tell the staff what their needs are, and purchase custom formulas. Compton Health Bar works with varying budget levels, ensuring that their products are accessible to the surrounding communities.

With exotic ingredients like Grass-Fed Collagen, Feverfew, and Sarsaparilla sitting on the counters and Dani’s friendly face behind the bar, customers always feel welcome.

In just one quick trip into the shop, we can see that Dani puts all of her stock into the relationships she has with others. Her care for those who buy her products explains the immense success of her business. The story of Compton Health Bar proves that no matter where we begin, our dreams are always within reach.

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