Soaptopia Is Saving Skin, One Face at a Time

Originally posted on (2016)

A New Way to Save Face

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy a good skin care regimen. Jolie Chitwood Cox of Soaptopia, a holistic soap company in California, has revolutionized what it takes to create natural beauty products for all skin types.

What initially began as a small experiment to assist with allergies and skin irritation has now blossomed into an international business with hundreds of natural beauty products in Venice, CA.

A Natural Skincare Solution

There’s no smell like the bubbly aroma of a natural soap store in Venice. The store features a range of bubble bath soaps, hand-soaps, and cleansing products lining the teal walls. Each product has a unique name and playful color scheme.

Soaptopia’s skincare line, Face It Naturally, offers nothing but glowing reviews on their site. The skincare line includes toner, moisturizers, and hydrating serums made with ingredients like castor oil and rose flower water.

How is the Soap Made?

We got a personal walk-through of the Soaptopia’s Venice location, and consumers will be pleased to know that everything is created in-house, in the back of Soaptopia’s shop.

Each soap bar is hand-cut, not only to keep it healthier but also to keep those naturally beautiful swirls that Soaptopia customers know and love.

Every bar sold is as unique as the person buying it. With zero artificial products or assembly lines, it’s easy to see why consumers trust Soaptopia products.

The Story of Soaptopia

Jolie Chitwood Cox began her career in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t until she came across a skin allergy that she thought to birth Soaptopia, a line of natural, hygienic beauty products.

⁠It’s no secret that women’s soaps can be too harsh on the skin. When it comes to cleansers and soaps, we know that we can use one product for our body but not for our face—thanks chemicals.

What if we were able to consolidate that into a product that delivers results everywhere, with zero risk? ⁠

Julie was not entirely sure that she could make it happen, but she had the luxury to be marketing to herself, making it easier to understand what ingredients to stay away from.

She then began the long journey of herbal holistic education, where she explored a range of essential oils that would not irritate the skin. The final result? Natural soap products in Los Angeles.

Since Julie began, Soaptopia has since distributed its beauty products to big names like Whole Foods Market. With several locations throughout Los Angeles County and ten in Japan, Soaptopia continues to grow.

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