Unusual Places You Can Hang Your Hammock

An Honest Review of Bear Butt Hammocks

When I was younger, I envisioned all of the amenities that would come with my first apartment and hammocks were always on the list. I pictured myself strolling past a large comfy sectional in the living room with colorful hippie-beads lining the doorway as I slipped into the comfortable material of my hammock.

I often imagined lying there⁠—completely enveloped in the silky material⁠⁠— perhaps grabbing a breakfast bagel right out of the toaster oven. The idea was to have a hammock the kitchen, which was a pipe dream (at least the kitchen part was).

While I’m not sure that you would want to go as far as drilling holes in the ceiling of your rented apartment, it turns out that you can still access an affordable hammock in Los Angeles.

Having a hammock means enjoying minimal effort at its finest. It’s been years since I had that daydream and I’ve managed to fill my large Los Angeles apartment to the brim with hippie-beads and sectional furnishings. Up until recently, I had yet to buy a hammock. I decided enough was enough and set out to purchase one.

I found Bear Butt Hammocks & Gear, and I was elated. When I began my venture for a hammock, I was looking for something affordable and fun. Millennials designed Bear Butt for themselves, which explains why I found them so fast.

Bear Butt makes products that are easy to use like the Patterned Double Hammies and Kodiak Straps. So what is the verdict on my Bear Butt Hammock? Bear Butt Hammocks are fun, affordable, and easy to use.

4 Cool Places You Can Hang Your Hammock

All leisure lovers should consider purchasing these lightweight and easy-to-use hammocks. In honor of the product’s capabilities, I have compiled a list of unusual places to hang your Bear Butt hammock (besides the kitchen):

Your Bedroom

bedroom hammock

Drill some holes in the ceiling and call it a day. The bedroom was meant for relaxation, so why not take it up another notch?

Central Park

central park

There’s nothing like enjoying a stroll through Central Park on a beautiful spring day. Enjoy some people watching from the depths of a Bear Butt hammock.</p>

The Office

women using laptop in hammock

We’ve all had those days where we wake up, drive, go to work, and the coffee just isn’t doing it. If you’re lucky enough to have an hour break, wouldn’t it be nice to post up in your hammock on your lunch break and take a power nap? While this scenario is highly unlikely in a traditional office setting, it’s still an excellent idea for someone with a home office – don’t deny it.

Santa Monica Bluffs

bluffs hammock.jpeg

As you can see, I took this one out for a test ride. There’s a perfect spot right between two palm trees if you walk a little bit forward. This lovely spot not only brings in the calm but also offers a spectacular view.

If you’re lucky enough to have an understanding boss who loves leisure as much as the CEO of Bear Butt, you may find solace in your office. Invest in your next adventure and buy a new Hammock in Los Angeles or New York when you visit Bear Butt’s exceptional team online.

See how easy your life could be with the easy setup, fun design, and excellent price tag. Check out Bear Butt Hammocks & Gear today!

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